Pikachu just scared the balls off me.

I started rigging and this happened.



Name says it all, pikachu, rigging next

Improved kadabra

Went back into the texture a re-did it, using a textured brush rather than flat colour.



I'm going to play around with the rendering and shading, but I'm unsure as to if I should break from the source material in the texturing, at the moment it just seems a bit...empty.



Who's that pokemon?!?!?!?!

Just a rough render of something I'm working on. I also have a model of a certain yellow mouse creature which I'll post later.


3D Sloop Illustration.

I've been experimenting with different texturing methods. For this quick model of an 18th century sloop I decided to play with mapping hatching to the texture, some interesting results but I think I'd need to do a lot of work to make it really useable, it'd probably be easier to make a shader for it like the one used in the MVC intro. Also a bigger texture map for the sea.


Learning to learn again.

So I've not been doing much 3D recently, instead I've been revisiting an area which I've overlooked for a while now

I refer of course, to drawing. I found it funny returning to this area after such a long time of focusing purely on 3D becaue I expected to just suck on toast, infact more than expected, I actually feared it and fear of failure is one of the the mosty crippling things to ones creativity, what I found however was an odd clarity concerning what has always held me back when i try to take a sketch and turn it into a nice clean drawing.

Writing about it now makes it seem to obvious but it still came as a revelation, The problem I was having, was I just wasn't paying enough attention to how my linework described the structure of the figure, Yeah I know crazy revelation to make, probably should have worked that one out in my first year at uni but hey, better late than never. I knew it was important on an intellectual level, but what occurred recently was more a case of the penny dropping than anything else.

Anyway, enough out of me, here are some character concepts for the enemies which shall be featured in the Kremlin the Penguin video game, I give you the capitalist pigs.


In Soviet Russian art concept you.

I've not updated in a while but I will have a few updates o their way soon

For now enjoy some artwork for a side scrolling platformer I've been working on in my spare time with a group of talented individuals.

I started Sketching some ideas for the titular character, one "Kremlin the Penguin."

At first when I was testing ideas I found my designs were very contrived, I was thinking too much (for the initial stages at least) once I realised this and loosened up, my hands began to glide into existence a menagerie of varyingly bizzare mutants

Eventually I had a selection of shapes to work with and I could start being more obsessive and precise with my details.

Designed from left to right in chronological order.

The character of Kremlin evolved with the drawings too, I started looking to simply make him cute, but eventually he turned into a wild eyed mad man (sorry penguin) held as a political prisoner for years until freed by his comrades in the Russian revolution!

Once I had the character design down I started working on a kind of production still for the game, figuring out an over all style for everything. The challenge was to create a scene that made the world feel rich and populated whilst avoiding becomming too prominent, it's job is to sit in the background and not be too distracting to the player.

The style I went for was part Lou Romano, part Genndy Tartokovsky and part (theme fitting) soviet era illustration (but mostly Lou Romano) If the world is to be more than a few screens long it needs to feel rich but it can't require an excessive amount of time to create. To this end I chose a style which focuses on the essentials. A strong (almost abstract) silhouette and minimal surface detail is enough to communicate what the object is but avoids the pitfalls of being too distracting and/or requiring too much work to complete. and through layering and clever colour choices it can still create a very "deep-pan" world.

As for the colour scheme I went with a very obvious set of cold and warms. I'd like to pretend there was more thought to it than "oo that looks nice" but sometimes just playing around with gradients yields results.


Quick lunchtime sketch

As the title says. Thought I'd post it here just because I've not updated in ageeeees.

Working on some stuff atm which I can't post online for a while yet but stay tuned.


Robots! What move and are textured.

So here is a test animation of the Stompatron robot for Stackopolis. Changes not shown here include the delay of the final stomp which I have made happen as soon as the crazy spinning stops and of course the IKs on the leg which lead to the foot clipping into the world. The design of the robot makes it a bit difficult to fix this and make the animation look right but I have some ideas.

Anyway I'm proud of this fellah for now. I took him from design to modelling, texturing, rigging and animation. It was a difficult trip as I'm not very well versed with rigging but I learned a lot from this guy and I enjoyed it, so the time it will take to really get a grip on rigging seems a little less daunting.

Stompatron Ultimate STOMP! from Simon Ashbery on Vimeo.

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