'Splosion and Corridors

'Splosions and Corridors

Of all the formative moments of my years,
For every lesson real or fake.
There was always one constant.
That constant was Quake.

My passion was never easy.
I was accused of geek or nerd.
and these days the accusations are different.
"To like that old school shit is absurd."

But you can keep your recharging health bar.
Your modern warfare too.
Because I can bunny hop and rocket jump.
and quick save before do.

I have no need for reloads
And my armoury allows more then a pair
I don't want realistic AI squadmates.
for on my space marine's chest there is hair.

I'm a one man army, UNSTOPPABLE!
This is my personal fight.
and when i finally find the Makron
I'll crush him with my lone might.

But This victory here is special to me.
though i've completed many more games by now.
it was before gaming was popular.
When a game was personal and not just a cash cow.

So remember my friends as I do.
though i'm glad gaming became so big.
That once we only needed 'splosions and corridors
and that was enough for us to Dig.

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