Robots! What move and are textured.

So here is a test animation of the Stompatron robot for Stackopolis. Changes not shown here include the delay of the final stomp which I have made happen as soon as the crazy spinning stops and of course the IKs on the leg which lead to the foot clipping into the world. The design of the robot makes it a bit difficult to fix this and make the animation look right but I have some ideas.

Anyway I'm proud of this fellah for now. I took him from design to modelling, texturing, rigging and animation. It was a difficult trip as I'm not very well versed with rigging but I learned a lot from this guy and I enjoyed it, so the time it will take to really get a grip on rigging seems a little less daunting.

Stompatron Ultimate STOMP! from Simon Ashbery on Vimeo.



Work on Stackopolis is steaming along and now we have a solid alpha of the game we're putting the story together.

To provide a reason for all the building that needs to be done I offered forth a suggestion of including one of my favorite things in the whole wide world in the game. BIG STOMPY ROBOTS!

So here are a handful of sketches for the robot (in reverse order of development) which will be causing all manner of havoc in Stackopolis.

Some art deco robots because why the hell not

I was worried the one on the left was too serious looking but everyone liked it so yay. Design influences from ye olde Gundam series.

Some development sketches on a few choice thumbnails.

A few choice thumbnails.
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