Pikachu just scared the balls off me.

I started rigging and this happened.



Name says it all, pikachu, rigging next

Improved kadabra

Went back into the texture a re-did it, using a textured brush rather than flat colour.



I'm going to play around with the rendering and shading, but I'm unsure as to if I should break from the source material in the texturing, at the moment it just seems a bit...empty.



Who's that pokemon?!?!?!?!

Just a rough render of something I'm working on. I also have a model of a certain yellow mouse creature which I'll post later.


3D Sloop Illustration.

I've been experimenting with different texturing methods. For this quick model of an 18th century sloop I decided to play with mapping hatching to the texture, some interesting results but I think I'd need to do a lot of work to make it really useable, it'd probably be easier to make a shader for it like the one used in the MVC intro. Also a bigger texture map for the sea.
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