Learning to learn again.

So I've not been doing much 3D recently, instead I've been revisiting an area which I've overlooked for a while now

I refer of course, to drawing. I found it funny returning to this area after such a long time of focusing purely on 3D becaue I expected to just suck on toast, infact more than expected, I actually feared it and fear of failure is one of the the mosty crippling things to ones creativity, what I found however was an odd clarity concerning what has always held me back when i try to take a sketch and turn it into a nice clean drawing.

Writing about it now makes it seem to obvious but it still came as a revelation, The problem I was having, was I just wasn't paying enough attention to how my linework described the structure of the figure, Yeah I know crazy revelation to make, probably should have worked that one out in my first year at uni but hey, better late than never. I knew it was important on an intellectual level, but what occurred recently was more a case of the penny dropping than anything else.

Anyway, enough out of me, here are some character concepts for the enemies which shall be featured in the Kremlin the Penguin video game, I give you the capitalist pigs.

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