WIP Comic.

I've always wanted to draw a comic. I mean, I've drawn them before, I imagine most people have probably jotted something down in the back of their school books before. I've even had slightly more serious forays which never quite went anywhere. But the one thing I've never managed to do is make a credible web comic.

The reason I've always wanted to have a crack at it is because, since the late 90's I've been reading Penny-Arcade, Mac-Hall, Applegeeks and so on. All of these comics were a great read and they painted a (somewhat idealised) view of a world of geekery and nerdisimo shared between friends that I wanted to be a part of. It would be no exaggeration to say that I've partly modelled my life around these comics in the same way people emnulate their heroes.

I'm older now. Probably about the age a lot of these cartoonists were when I was reading their awesome work. I have no intention of becoming a successful full-time web cartoonist and artist (as many of my heroes have.) It's not what I want to do and I doubt I'd have the patience anyway. I just want to have a go and see how I fare.

So here is a WIP of the first page of a (very) short comic about one of my experiences at work. I just want to get a feeling for how I'd like to draw comic. Testing myself to see if I could actually make something half good in a reasonable amount of time.



Bit of modelling work. I'm pushing myself to get back into modelling regularly again. I've been trying to find a job for the last two weeks and I have some leads so I think i'll get on with my folio


Train carriage.

Ok I'm happier with it now. after some good crits from the guys over at grand games and of course from my good friend Craig "i'm a complete and utter arse candle!" Yates, I changed a few things.

I also made good on my promise to create various levels of damage in the textures.

Also I'm trying out a new less busy portfolio theme. I like It and will update my folio soon.


Train Carriage Finished (kind of)

I have to wait for the guys over at Grand Games to give me any feedback as to what needs changing and there are one or two things I've decided I dislike now that I've rendered everything out. But for all intents and purposes this is the finished article.

currently the texture maps are at 2048x2048 but I will resize that when it comes to putting it into Unreal.

Aside from the colour variations I'm also going to create different levels of decay.


Train Carriage

I've been looking for some mod work to bolster up my portfolio and I was asked to create a test model for http://www.grand-games.com/

It's a flat-bed for transporting shipping containers by rail. There was remarkably little reference material so I had to sort of piece this together from many different designs and images.

2,184 polygons


The wait.

I emailed my applications off last night, so now it's the waiting game. I originally said I was going to take some time off to enjoy being home with my family. Then, eventually, i'd start working on other projects, but as I was hitting send last night I started thinking about the weaknesses of my portfolio, specifically when it came to environment art.

So now I'm stuck looking down the barrel end of the mod scene.

I wanted to put an image up of the last mod work I did but it's since been removed from CS Banana. Lame. It was effin' years a go.

Oh well. No rest for the wicked.
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