Winton Lamp Post.

Something I remarked upon my first day in the little part of Bournemouth we call Winton was the lamp posts.

They look old, older than they should be. Whilst they are fitted with modern lights and sensors, so they turn themselves on when it's dark enough, their design is almost alien in the sleek smooth curves of the iPod world we have built for ourselves and it's for this reason I think they are beautiful.

They are encrusted with layers and layers of flaking green paint with ancient yellows burst through like open wounds. Most of their lights struggle and flicker into life now and every night I go out I see more which lose this battle. As such newer boring replacements take their spots on the streets and fill what was once beautiful territory with cylindrical mediocrity.

They probably wont be here for that much longer and it'l be a shame when they're gone which is why I want to capture one now

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