Folio Pains!

I'm sitting here waiting for my smegging turntables to render and I'm bored. So I figured I would make an update here since I've been silent for a few days and everyone knows how much I like to drone on and on. About myself mostly...did you know I can walk on my hands? Zounds! I love that word.

Anyway I have my portfolio ready to roll. Just need to sort my show-reel and I'm there. Time to try for jobs. But before then here are the last couple of models I made as well as my snazzy CV.


  1. Ash the funkmobile just look like cocks XD you might want to re-think the angle.

  2. Also... sorry again the text is a little hard to read, I'd suggest wash the back with white. I.e lower the opacity and make the text simple balck, with maybe a white outline rather then the other way around.

  3. Also.....Whats with the crazy bg on all the renders?! may be worth presenting the images a bit clearer. 3point lighting (so you get a nice bit of rim), then on a grey to white gradient backdrop if you want to break-up the colour a touch. It sounds boring but it will present to assets in a much clearer way.

  4. Do you really think it's that bad? I used this background because I got a lot of feedback saying my previous background were too drab.


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