The Funk-Mobile MK II (teaser)

It's been a mad couple of weeks. Graduating, moving home, catching, or rather trying and failing to catch, up with old friends and spending quality time with the family.

As such I've had little time to crack on with my folio and with the desire to find a job and get on with my life burning in me (though that may be the gonorrhea) I decided to get down and dirty with what I have (in terms of work, not STDs.)

So the model I was most pleased with for my work on the Pure Funk was the funk mobile but I decided I couldn't put any wire-frames of it on my folio because of how horrible inefficient it's mesh was! So for a while I was content to just have high quality beauty render of it instead.

Well that's just lazy and stupid isn't it? So I decided to spend a day optimising the mesh to something closer in-line with current gen vehicles (10 - 15 k ish) once I did that I figured I may as well go the whole hog. Re-UV, normals and finally texture maps.

So here is a teaser of my progress. It's the sculpt I created in Zbrush including details like bolts holding together hastily attached plates of metal and lots of rust and paint damage.



  1. Nice, I can't wait to see the textured version!

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  3. Oi Mate, Been trying to get a hold of you for a while!, if you can Email Me @ Hemiogenic@gmai.com
    Cheers Very nice work!


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