Getting back to modelling. It's my strength and if I want a job I should play to it.

I put off learning Zbrush for a long time. It's a confusing program but an astoundingly powerful one.

So I've just whipped up a quick model. A stone arch. the normal map needs some tweaking and I am yet to texture it but I have seriously enjoyed the Zbrush process and look forward to improving my technique.

High polygon model, Sculpted in Zbrush imported to Maya.

Low polygon model, built around the Zbrush sculpt in Maya.

the low polygon model with normals applied. Some warping in areas but this can be fixed in photoshop. Next I intend to create a diffuse map and I may attempt porting it into Unreal 3.

Now i've gotten a basic grasp on this workflow I intend to create a lot more in the way of models over the next couple of months.

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